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英语美文:阳光下的时光Hour in the Sun

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"…I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days."----- Henry David Thoreau



win即时比分 “……我虽然不富甲天下,却拥有无数个艳阳天和夏日。”----亨利•大卫•梭罗

英语美文:阳光下的时光Hour in the Sun

When Thoreau wrote that line, he was thinking of the Walden Pond he knew as a boy.


Woodchoppers and the Iron Horse had not yet greatly damaged the beauty of its setting. A boy could go to the pond and lie on his back against the seat of a boat, lazily drifting from shore to shore while the loons dived and the swallows dipped around him. Thoreau loved to recall such sunny hours and summer days "when idleness was the most attractive and productive business."


win即时比分 I too was a boy in love with a pond, rich in sunny hours and summer days. Sun and summer are still what they always were, but the boy and the pond changed. The boy, who is now a man, no longer find much time for idle drifting. The pond has been annexed by a great city.


win即时比分 The swamps where herons once hunted are now drained and filled with houses. The bay where water lilies quietly floated is now a harbor for motor boats. In short, everything that the boy loved no longer exists----except in the man's memory of it.

win即时比分 曾有苍鹭觅食的沼泽,如今已枯竭殆尽,上面盖满了房舍。睡莲静静漂浮的湖湾,现在成了汽艇的避风港。总之,男孩所爱的一切已不复存在----只留在人们的回忆中。

win即时比分 Some people insist that only today and tomorrow matter. But how much poorer we would be if we really lived by that rule! So much of what we do today is frivolous and futile and soon forgotten. So much of what we hope to do tomorrow never happens.

win即时比分 有些人坚持认为只有今日和明日才是重要的,可是如果真的照此生活,我们将是何其可怜!许多今日我们做的事徒劳不足取的,很快就会被忘记。许多我们期待明天将要做的事却从来没有发生过。

The past is the bank in which we store our most valuable possession: the memories that give meaning and depth to our lives.

win即时比分 过去是一所银行。我们将最可贵的财产---记忆珍藏其中。记忆赐予我们生命的意义和深度。

win即时比分 Those who truly treasure the past will not bemoan the passing of the good old days, because days enshrined in memory are never lost.

win即时比分 真正珍惜过去的人,不会悲叹旧日美好时光的逝去。因为藏于记忆中的时光永不流失。

win即时比分 Death itself is powerless to still a remembered voice or erase a remembered smile. And for one boy who is now a man, there is a pond which neither time nor tide can change, where he can still spend a quiet hour in the sun.