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win即时比分 Can only be seen on the top of the hill, on the other side of the scene.


The law of success is very simple, but simple doesn't mean easy.


win即时比分 Infinite and believe in the power of books, is one of the true meaning of my belief education.

win即时比分 4、世上只有失败的事,没有失败的人。

win即时比分 The only failure of thing in the world, without fail.

win即时比分 5、只会在水泥地上走路的人,永远不会留下深深的脚印。

Can only walk on the concrete person, never left a deep footprint.


As long as willing to learn, it will be able to learn.


At ordinary times did not run hair who km, accounting for when it will be difficult to one hundred metres sprint.


Reading for GuoMuChengSong can, the most is weak.

win即时比分 9、仅次于选择益友,就是选择好书。

After choosing friends, is to choose a good book.

win即时比分 10、再长的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不迈开双脚也无法到达。

win即时比分 Again long way, step by step, also can go through, again a short road, do not stride feet can't reach.

win即时比分 11、脚步怎样才能不断前时?把脚印留在身后。

Steps how to continually before? The footprints left behind.

win即时比分 12、树苗如果因为怕痛而拒绝修剪,那就永远不会成材。

Tree seedlings declined to clip, if for fear of the pain and it will never become useful.


win即时比分 The waves to split the wind chopped waves ship farewell dinner, to go with the flow in the canoe of honor.

win即时比分 14、只要能收获甜蜜,荆棘丛中也会有蜜蜂忙碌的身影。

As long as it can harvest sweet, the brambles also there will be a busy bee.


Learn a lot of tricks, just suddenly don't learn a lot.

win即时比分 16、忙于采集的蜜蜂,无暇在人前高谈阔论。

win即时比分 Bees are busy collecting, too busy to talk in front of people.

win即时比分 17、即使道路坎坷不平,车轮也要前进;即使江河波涛汹涌,船只也航行。

win即时比分 Even if the bumpy road, the wheels also advance; Even choppy rivers, the ships navigation.


Learning must like bees, too many flowers, it to brew a honey.

win即时比分 19、不管多么险峻的高山,总是为不畏艰难的人留下一条攀登的路。

No matter how steep mountains, are always for those who left a climbing road.

win即时比分 20、好的想法是十分钱一打,真正无价的是能够实现这些想法的人。

win即时比分 Good idea is to ten cents a dozen, truly priceless is to implement these ideas.

win即时比分 21、如果不想在世界上虚度一生,那就要学习一辈子。

If you don't want to wasted life in the world, that is about to study for a lifetime.


win即时比分 Control the fate of the rudder is a struggle. Don't have a fantasy, not giving up a chance, don't stop the day efforts.


win即时比分 If the compass feet are still, forever also could not draw a circle.

win即时比分 24、成功的人是跟别人学习经验,失败的人只跟自己学习经验。

win即时比分 Successful people are learning experiences with other people, people with their own learning experience failure.


win即时比分 Luck offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. Let us, therefore, have no fear.